The 1st Co GFG Rifle Team

The 1st Co GFG Rifle Team shoots in the Connecticut Big Bore Rifle League matches held at Blue Trails Range in Wallingford, CT.  Our team consists of 8 shooters from the Command (Infantry and Band).  The team participates in 6 matches per year and shoots against 35 other teams across the state.   The team shoots in the "Service Rifle" catagory, utilizing only military style rifles.  Most members shoot the Colt HBAR in .223 cal, while some shoot M1 Garands in .30-06 cal and M1A's in .308 cal, as well as the Springfield 03-A3  in .30-06 cal.  

In the 2001 season, the 1st Co GFG Rifle Team was the #1 Military Team in CT .  Current Team Members include: SSG Richard Gatewood, SGT Abele Grillo, CPL Gary Klesczewski, PFC Russell Scull,  and PFC Rob Handshumacher.