Recently I was asked what it means to be on the Color Guard and there are many reasons why I enjoy it. 

My Navy experience has given me various opportunities to see some of the finest Color Guards in the country. The Navy has always required the highest standards for men and women serving on the Colors and being selected was a significant honor.   I'd like to think that the First Company Governor's Foot Guard feels the same way about who serves on their Colors. 

Personally, I feel the Colors allows me to represent the Foot Guard in the best way possible. Nothing gives me more pride than being able to carry the American flag in a Foot Guard parade or detail. Due to the events that happened on September 11, there are now even more reasons to be proud of carrying the American flag. There is also a heightened awareness by everyone that our American flag represents the strength of our country.

I feel a deep sense of pride whether I am out on the floor with 16,000 people singing the national anthem or in a room with 30 people reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

The exposure we've had over the last several years at the UConn Basketball games has led to many other high-profile details.

Although it is a lot of work, it gives me great pleasure to work with the Foot Guard staff and the event committee members that request our Colors. I look forward to our upcoming Color Guard details and hope that the command will continue to have confidence in me to fulfill this role.



SFC William Leonard
Color Sergeant