Members of the First Company, while members of the Military Department of the State of Connecticut, serve a variety of roles in-state, but generally are not called for active service outside the State of Connecticut in accordance with the historic 1771 Charter.  One of the more recent in-state roles saw members of the First Company, along with members of the other 3 Organized Militia Units serving in an emergency capacity in the Joint Operations Center at the State Armory in Hartford in the days following Hurricane Katrina in September of 2005.   Recent service not withstanding, members of the First Company are more likely to be called to service in other, non-First Company roles.

The Blue Star Flag icon above serves to honor the members of the First Company who are currently serving or have served in an active duty status in some component of the United States Military since Sept. 11, 2001.   The soldiers below are all members of the First Company who are either on active duty with the National Guard or Reserve, or who have completed a tour of duty with the National Guard or Reserve since September 11, 2001.